My winding career path…

“I have a dream” I said to myself back in about 1996.  I saw a very informatyive science/nature show here in Canada called The Nature of Things.

It was all about how we can use plants, animals and microbial life to clean up our waste water.  I was literally fascinated by it.  So much, that my goal in life was set at that moment in time.

I wondered through college and university knowing I enjoyed science and nature.  But, could never pinpoint anything to do as a career.

I was in school and finished with a B.Sc. in microbiology.

I worked in a small number of labs.  I would up back in school for water treatment.

Since these times, I have done a variety of things to get there!

  • Drug store clerk
  • Waiter at a restaurant
  • Lab assistant
  • Art gallery customer service
  • Internship in France on constructed wetlands
  • Handy man renovations
  • Blog writer
  • IT server enthusiast
  • VOIP telephone enthusiast
  • Owner of a eco-friendly food service packaging distribution company

I am however working towards various projects in Haiti related to my field of interest.  It has been a long and winding road so far, but patience seems to be a needed virtue.

I have not quiet gotten there, but my interest is as strong now as it was then.  I will keep plugging away.  I have enough good friends and people in my professional network to aid me in my cause.

Check out my LinkedIN page to see my professional profile.

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